On Time and On the Mark Challenging 8 weeks project - finished 3 days ahead of schedule

Great job to all of you and especially all of you at Symbiosis. We sincerely appreciate your response to our needs and our schedule. We look forward to many more joint accomplishments.

Jim Hughes SRI Incorporated, Indiana

ITD and Symbiosis responded with true customer focus by meeting the plant's requirement for a completion date of April 30th. The project was completed from Concept to Customer Satisfaction in just 3 weeks.

Their engineering background and specific utility experience were invaluable while working with our power plant personnel. Symbiosis helped develop new client/server application using a variety of leading edge technologies. Their ability to adapt to changing environments and design requirements helped lead to a successful project implementation.

Tom Foster Board of Water and Light, Lansing, MI

Zero-Defect Systems

It has been running since its implementation with no problem and no additional maintenance.

Myrna Downer Family Independence Agency, Lansing, MI

The Peak Steam Demand Forecasting System was developed with the engineering knowledge of Symbiosis International's staff in a three week period from identification of need to delivery of the product. The system went into production on April 30, 1999 and continues to run with zero defects.

Peter L. Thelen Board of Water & Light, Lansing, MI

Very strong. Very valuable. Fine service The Symbiosis team studied the cryptic software libraries. Symbiosis's modifications still enabled straightforward and efficient data entry. The management of the project by Symbiosis was also very strong.

Glenn Copeland Department of Community Health

What a fantastic job!!

It's a pleasure to work with such talented people. Your team is a reflection of their leader and his leadership abilities. People don't work that hard for someone who is not deserving--they did the work, but you deserve credit as well.

Judy Allard Sparrow Health System

We have been pleased with Symbiosis International's performance. They are easy to work with,communicate well, and have been very accommodating. Their technical experience and extensive research and development skills have been very valuable to the project. Based on their performance, Symbiosis International will be considered for additional projects at Auto-Owners in the future.

Robert Buchanan Auto-Owners Insurance

On behalf of the Business Operations Team at GM's Powertrain Headquarters in Pontiac, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the prompt response of your staff to the problems we were encountering with the Flow Chart software. As Karthik has probably explained to you, the problems we were experiencing were, for the most part, the result of us trying to import bad data into the Flow Chart program. This was not readily apparent and it was only through the thoroughness and professionalism of Karthik that the root cause of the problem was discovered. We have recognized the problem with our data files and will, from this point on, be sure the data is in the correct format.

The problem with installing the software on another computer was partially the result of our limited computer skills. Again, Karthik was able to assist us with his skills and abilities. As a result we are more competent and confident about rolling out the software to others in our organization for their use. Again, thank you and your staff, especially Karthik, for your assistance in resolving these issues.

Don Partridge GM Powertrain Headquarters

I would like to make you aware of the fine service which I have received on several occasions from two of your associates.

Dr. Ronald Swenson Sparrow Health Systems

This letter is in reference to Mr. Karthikeyan from Symbiosis, Intl. Mr. Karthikeyan was recently assigned a task to reverse-engineer and restore several Web pages. The work was performed within our estimated time frame and exactly produced the desired results at a cost savings to us.

When we encountered a technical problem interfacing some software and a database manager through ODBC, Mr. Karthikeyan used good problem solving techniques, researched solutions, contacted vendors and identified the problem source and solution. He has excellent communication skills.

Tom Foster Board of Water and Light, Lansing, MI

It is without reservation that I strongly endorse Julia as a highly competent IS professional capable of detail oriented programming assignments. She also exhibited an innate ability to quickly assess and analyze complex programming logic. I strongly endorse Julia as someone who can make significant and immediate contributions to any programming or database project.

Gene Fernandez Sparrow Health Systems

User Friendly

This project was prompt and most professional. The users are most pleased with the product as it provided exactly what was needed in a user friendly atmosphere.

Myrna Downer Family Independence Agency, Lansing, MI

Your company has always been very cooperative and willing to work with us and provide us with the services we needed. Thank you for being so user friendly.

Patricia Willett Family Independence Agency, Lansing, MI

Your staff were extremely patient and cooperative as we worked through the development of the program. You always took into account our needs in the development of the system and were willing to make changes.

Michael Connell Family Independence Agency, Lansing, MI

It's always nice to see positive comments from the people we serve. Nice job and keep up the good work.

David Fox Family Independence Agency, Lansing, MI

Thanks for all your work on this, Suseela. Thank you for your patience with all the changes we made. It is a pleasure to do business with an efficient and effective person who has a pleasant and cheerful attitude.

Dawn Phillips Family Independence Agency, Lansing, MI

I just wanted to let you know in lite of hearing about Raj's recent certification status in Oracle, Raj has been a very good asset to the team. He has attempted everything that I have asked him to complete and has been doing a excellant job in the area of security that he has been working on. I feel very comfortable with him working on the Inventory module in LASR and will enjoy working with Raj the rest of the 2002 year. Thanks Again Umakanth.

Tina Symington Family Independence Agency, Lansing, MI

CATA's .NET project

During Phase 1:
I am returning your notes marked up with my approvals for documentation purposes. It looks like you've nailed the data import. Great Job! Overall, I am very pleased with the cooperation and progress Symbiosis is making, and am confident that you are going to deliver a good product. Keep up the good work.

During Phase 2:
Symbiosis is making good progress in this area. I believe that Symbiosis is ahead of schedule and will likely be able to deploy a nearly completed, if not complete, Alpha version of the application within the next 60 days. Overall, I have been very pleased with the working relationship, responsiveness, quality, expertise and professionalism of the Symbiosis team.

Edgar T. Hammer III 'Tack' CATA's Technical Consultant

We at SRI are truly grateful for all of the efforts by Symbiosis International. They have taken something that was a "Black Eye" for SRI and have turned that into something that it can be proud to show to the world. We believe, that through the efforts of Symbiosis International and SRI, that this system will be marketable in many different markets and will benefit both companies.

Brad Engler SRI Incorporated, Indiana