From 1988, Symbiosis International has been Simplifying Technical Innovations and Making Them Affordable and Accessible for Small Businesses.
No wonder we are

A Top 10 Innovator in the USA
A Michigan 50 Company
Outstanding Small Business and
An MSU Community Builder

We received all of these accolades because we delighted our clients with systems that fully met their needs and often far exceeded their expectations. When it comes to IT project success rate, we exceed the industry norms by leaps and bounds. In many cases, we helped our clients see new business opportunities that they thought were beyond their access.

With our Innovation as a Service, we provide the services of a Chief Information Officer.

If you think a CIO is someone from a reputed university with an MBA or with a big degree in Computer Science, someone who you cannot afford to hire, we agree. That’s why we offer you not just one person, but a TEAM of experts for an affordable flat monthly fee.

When you think of our team, think of MBAs and Advanced Degrees in Computer Science, World Class Universities, Science Talent Awards, Math/Science Olympiad Coaches, and those with decades of experience serving as CIOs of large organizations. We think big, but we think big for small businesses like yours. All because, we strongly believe that Small Businesses Spur Economic Growth.

Talk with us to find how you can have your own Virtual CIOs for a flat monthly fee and no long term contracts.