Build an Exhibit, Build a Science Center

STEM For All is going full steam in building its first low cost science center, built by local school students Grade 12 and below, by 2019 Autumnal Equinox (Sep 23, 2019). We are inviting all Greater Lansing Area families with school students to contribute at least one STEM exhibit per family. All family members can help build it, including parents, grandparents, and toddlers too, with the condition that most of the work should be done by children Grade 12 or under.

One hundred small exhibits from one hundred families and ten large exhibits built by students with help from professionals will constitute a low cost science center. We will credit the family that built the exhibit.

Student who built the best STEM exhibit, as determined by a panel of independent judges, will receive $1,000 as scholarship in the academic year 2019-2020.

Please Sign Up with a contribution of $100 per family. STEM For All will coach your children to build the exhibit, help them understand the scientific principles involved to the best extent possible on their own, and coach them to explain those principles to others. We expect your student to be a presenter of that exhibit in at least two STEM events and thus support STEM For All’s mission to spread STEM education for all.Most of the simple exhibits can be built in a week or two, depending upon the skill levels of the students and the complexity of the exhibit. We request you to give us the second, more polished version for our science center. You will see that this will not only be a STEM activity, but a fun family activity too.

Students who sign up for Build an Exhibit, Build a Science Center are eligible to participate as Teacher Assistants in all STEM For All's summer activities. This is in addition to the coaching to build an assigned exhibit and to participate in designing and building other small and large exhibits all summer long. MSU Grandparents University at MSU and Space Camp at Okemos Public Library are currently confirmed events. STEM classes at Happendance and a fun event at Okemos Arby’s are work in progress. We hope to add some more.

Signing up for $100 per family gives all-you-can-eat STEM fun for the entire summer for the entire family.

Please Sign Up today.

Thank you for your contribution in

Building Science Centers
One Exhibit at a Time