Innovation-as-a-Service by Symbiosis is available to small businesses for a
Flat Monthly Fee,
with No Long Term Contracts and
with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Here are additional reasons for you to choose Symbiosis,
get peace of mind and
start focusing on growing your business.

  1. We Make Innovation Affordable and Accessible. Many of our systems were the FIRST for our clients in various technologies when those technologies were very new. First web-based system, first mobile system, first cloud system and first paperless system are examples of what we delivered to small businesses when large businesses were only starting to adopt those technologies. We delivered our award-winning system using Agile Methodology two years before Agile Manifesto was signed. We also helped our clients in getting rid of the LAST systems that used a legacy technology.
  2. We Deliver Systems With Impeccable Quality. While the rest of the IT industry is sprinkled with bugs, crashes, sluggish response, and security breaches, our systems have stood the test of time, delighting our clients. As an example, our award-winning system delivered to Lansing Board of Water & Light required only 80 hours of maintenance in the first 10 months after going live.
  3. We Promise Only What We Can Deliver And Deliver Everything We Promise. We give meticulous attention to details before we start our projects. This results in early identification of red flags so our clients can focus on the identified risk factors before starting the project.
  4. Our Project Success Rate is Far above Industry Average. Industry average for IT project success rate has been increasing steadily and still, as of 2015, more than half the projects fail. More than 90% of our projects have been deemed successful by our clients. At the beginning of every project, we work with our clients to define what constitutes success and keep that as our North Star. We list what can go wrong and address them in the beginning itself to avoid costly mid-course corrections or unwanted compromises.
  5. Our Team Has Expertise in Technology AND People Skills. Our team members have advanced degrees in Business/Computer Science from reputable universities to tackle the complex business and technical challenges. We also have specialists in language and communication with fine people skills, who we engage in requirements gathering and quality assurance. We provide a career, not a job, to all our team members and they love our continuous training.
  6. We Respond with Incredible Speed. Many times, due to business changes, our clients faced extreme time crunch. We have responded with agility, met the tight deadlines, and delivered high quality systems. As an example, when our client SRI needed a system in two months to meet their clients’ needs, we delivered it 3 days ahead of schedule. This system is still running well for more than a decade.
  7. We Think Ahead. When we work with our clients, we align the projects with their long term vision and design systems flexible enough to accommodate future needs. Two years after we delivered a system to Lansing Board of Water & Light, we were asked to enhance the system to accommodate a new GM plant. To our client’s pleasant surprise, we added the enhancement with no programming change and no additional cost.
  8. Community Focused. Our founder Uma Umakanth had no business experience when he started Symbiosis International. He made it a Michigan 50 Company only with mentoring from Chris Holman and support from Chamber of Commerce, LEAP and many clients. Symbiosis has been giving back to the community from its birth. We are proud to be an MSU Community Builder. Many Spartans have launched their careers via Symbiosis. With our STEM4All initiative, we hope to inspire our kids to be future scientists.